Saturday, 13 April 2013

Clean URLs in Drupal

Clean urls in Drupal works same as told in url rewriting using htaccess. It says 

" If you are unhappy with the default URLs in Drupal, you may be able to tell Drupal to use "clean URLs", eliminating the "?q=" in your site's URLs"

This is what we said in Rewrite URLs in Htaccess, but the difference is that cleaning (rewriting urls in drupal) is far more easy then cleaning urls (rewriting urls) manually.

See and follow the following steps in order to achieve urls rewriting in Drupal.

Open up your drupal admin panel. See the following image.

Click on "Administer" link to open "administer" panel. 

Now go to "Clean URL" section.under "site configuration" category.

Click on enable (as you see in image below) and click on "Save Configuration" button. 

and you are done.

Now the urls that were looking like

will be converted to some thing like

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